Our Mission

Anna Editorial wants to fight Ageism through literature.

With Children’s books, comics, short stories, novels, audiobooks, talks, courses, lectures and more, Anna Editorial aims to elucidate that old people are a diverse group with valuable experience within our society.

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What is ageism?

As the World Health Organization tells us, Ageism refers to the stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) towards others or oneself based on age.

Let’s face it: almost everyone fears growing older. We worry about losing our looks, our health, our jobs, our self-esteem—and being supplanted in work and love by younger people. It feels like the natural, inevitable consequence of the passing years. 

Studies have found that ageism can operate without awareness, and in the form of aging self-stereotypes.

Widespread pessimism about the inevitability of age-related decline held by individuals, policy makers, and even the scientific community divert attention away from potentially solvable problems and reduce the likelihood that longer lives lived will improve quality of life at all ages. We do not even recognize its detrimental effect on our dignity and rights. Ageism leads to poorer health, social isolation, earlier deaths and cost economies billions.

The healthcare community is not immune to the effects of ageism. The attitudes of medical providers, the mindset of older patients, and the structure of the healthcare system, have a potentially profound influence on the type and amount of care offered. Healthcare rationing based solely on age is widespread. A systematic review in 2020 showed that in 85 per cent of 149 studies, age determined who received certain medical procedures or treatments. For example, 6.3 million cases of depression globally are estimated to be attributable to ageism.

Also, evidence of the impact of ageism in the workplace is being observed in increasing age-related discrimination claims as well as increased time for older people to find employment.

Let’s end Ageism together! It’s time!

Contact us at annaeditorial@gmail.com